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Vegans and Vegetarians 

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 Wine Country Buffet Menus

For a customized menu, or a wine tasting pairing menu, please inquire

MENU 1: 
Italian Buffet

Tuscan Italian Salad - Our signature salad.
A symphony of Italian meats and cheeses, crisp mix of lettuces. Served with Romano Cheese and herb dressing  

Italian Cold Cuts
A generous portion of authentic Italian deli meats and Provolone cheese, thinly sliced and served with lettuce and tomato.

The Tuscan Lasagna Experience
Our own special wine country five-cheese lasagna made with whole milk Mozzarella, Ricotta, smoked Provolone, aged Romano and Parmesan with noodles all layered with seasoned ground beef, special sauce, herbs & spice.

ITALIAN TUSCAN GROUP MENU SPECIAL PACKAGE TOTAL:  $39.95 p.p. ( includes all necessary plates, flatware, napkins, serving utensils, etc.)  or your can remove the cold cuts and reduce the menu to $32.95

MENU 2:  Old fashion Wine Country Picnic    

ENTRÉE   ∙          
Grilled Chicken Breast (with or without BBQ sauce)   ∙          
Pulled Pork BBQ   ∙          
Chopped Chicken BBQ   ∙          
Sliced Beef BBQ   ∙          
Traditional Fried Chicken   ∙          
 George's Sliced Beef Brisket (additional $3/per person)  

SIDES   ∙          
Garden Salad   ∙          
Virginia Caesar Salad   ∙          
Virginia Cornbread Salad   ∙          
Red Bliss Creamy Potato Salad   ∙          
Lauder’s Homemade Coleslaw   ∙           
Broccoli & Raisin Salad   ∙          
Mac '­n­ Cheese   ∙          
Green Beans   ∙          
Kettle Potato Chips   ∙          
Macaroni Salad   ∙          
Bruschetta Pasta Salad   ∙          
Seven Bean Bake (our version of baked beans)  

The picnic menu consists of 2 entrees, 3 side dishes, and buns…as well as all of your plastic ware, plates, and napkins.    

BBQ GROUP MENU SPECIAL PACKAGE - TOTAL:  $34.95 p.p. ( includes all necessary plates, flatware, napkins, serving utensils, condiments, etc.)     ( 20% gratuity will be automatically added into menu for above menu options)

How to Plan

For Your Budget

Flights:  Rates vary based on when booked

Accommodations in Wine Country range on when you book.  The sooner the better. 

Average rate:  $150 to $200 per night for a 4 star property. Visit our recommended accommodations we like in Wine Country.

Transportation:  Ranges based on service and type of vehicle and time used. Average rates are as follows:

Sedan:  $50 an hour*

Limo: $95 an hour*

Mini Coach: $125 an hour*

Deluxe Coach: $150 an hour*

Other custom limos such as Hummer limos and specialty are customized to your request.

Wineries:  On average ranges from $5 per person for a flight of wines.  Groups range from $5 to $15 depending on what you want. ( only the wineries can collect for fees for alcohol of any kind, yes tastings are alcohol!)

While we do email the wineries already on your behalf for groups 8 or more, some of you may want something more special or a VIP activity. Remember, alcohol/wine is not included– so travel with small amounts of petty cash since some wineries charge differently for tastings or flights of wine to taste, some even paired with hors d’ oeuvres! Wineries can vary from a few wines to a dozen wines to taste at different packages.  Be careful how much you drink/consume, please.  We also always recommend you buy a bottle of wine or two from each winery – makes a great gift or perfect to enjoy with new friends.  Wine is very personal! What one guest may want to do is different from every other guest.   Some just want to try reds, some whites, some a little of everything, and many don’t even do tastings at every winery anymore.  In fact, many of our customers report that they just taste one wine such as a Cabernet, and then decide to buy a glass or bottle, and they don’t get charged for that tasting before they make a purchase.   In other instances, after the first winery, some of our guests just want to buy wine by the glass or a bottle and sit on the patio of the winery to relax.   So, as you can see – this varies greatly.  Most important is to just have FUN, Cheers!