How to Plan

For Your Budget

Flights:  Rates vary based on when booked

Accommodations in Wine Country range on when you book.  The sooner the better. 

Average rate:  $150 to $200 per night for a 4 star property. Visit our recommended accommodations we like in Wine Country.

Transportation:  Ranges based on service and type of vehicle and time used. Average rates are as follows:

Sedan:  $50 an hour*

Limo: $95 an hour*

Mini Coach: $125 an hour*

Deluxe Coach: $150 an hour*

Other custom limos such as Hummer limos and specialty are customized to your request.

Wineries:  On average ranges from $5 per person for a flight of wines.  Groups range from $5 to $15 depending on what you want. ( only the wineries can collect for fees for alcohol of any kind, yes tastings are alcohol!)

While we do email the wineries already on your behalf for groups 8 or more, some of you may want something more special or a VIP activity. Remember, alcohol/wine is not included– so travel with small amounts of petty cash since some wineries charge differently for tastings or flights of wine to taste, some even paired with hors d’ oeuvres! Wineries can vary from a few wines to a dozen wines to taste at different packages.  Be careful how much you drink/consume, please.  We also always recommend you buy a bottle of wine or two from each winery – makes a great gift or perfect to enjoy with new friends.  Wine is very personal! What one guest may want to do is different from every other guest.   Some just want to try reds, some whites, some a little of everything, and many don’t even do tastings at every winery anymore.  In fact, many of our customers report that they just taste one wine such as a Cabernet, and then decide to buy a glass or bottle, and they don’t get charged for that tasting before they make a purchase.   In other instances, after the first winery, some of our guests just want to buy wine by the glass or a bottle and sit on the patio of the winery to relax.   So, as you can see – this varies greatly.  Most important is to just have FUN, Cheers! 

Our wine tour party planning travel planners provide wine country services ranging from couples, to small and large groups, to your romantic getaway to conferences/meetings/conventions and incentive clients.

The average number of wineries guests can visit on a average is 3 wineries in one day, sometimes up to 4 or 5 if you are very aggressive and already staying locally in wine country.

Our wine tour company carefully selects and plans the vineyards or wineries the way you should taste them for your palate; however, you are welcome to do so for groups under 10 guests. Groups/Events larger than 10, we organize the wineries/breweries for you.

Winery Tours start typically between 11am and noon when they open and depending upon your location of the pick up. The Wine Tour ends when you want, which is usually closing hours of the venues, again typically between 5pm and 6pm. 

Accommodations should be booked with us if you are traveling from out of town, and wine country lunches and dinners can be arranged upon request.

We are your experts in wine country, and in accordance to VABC law, wine can only be sold directly by the wineries as they are the ones that can card you for legal ID.  You are welcome to enjoy anything you purchase at the wineries, in the bus or limo, or you can bring anything with you from home including snacks or a picnic. 

Our services for couples or groups are very comprehensive and developed to match the objectives, needs and interests of each individual visitor into America's First Wine Country!

We are knowledgeable about the area, able to provide exemplary management, logistical support, site analysis, creative, customized programs, coordination, catering & dining options, unique venues, transportation, accommodations, event design and planning, entertainment, and more, all of which are developed, tailored to match to the objectives and interests of your dream visit or special event in Virginia Wine Country!

Whether it is a corporate outing, romantic rendezvous, girl friends 'No Boys Allowed" getaway, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or night on the town, let us assist you in the coordination of a memorable outing. Bring us your own itinerary or have our experienced staff assist you in the creation of one!


Welcome to Virginia Wine Country

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The most popular and first wine growing region in Virginia. This wine trail is one of the nearest to the Washington, DC, region comprising Fairfax, Fauquier and portions of Rappahannock County. An easy day trip under an hour's drive.

Also a short hop from the Washington, DC, region comprising wineries only in Loudoun County.

Heart of Virginia Wine Trail
The Heart of Virginia Wine Trail is in Central Virginia with 4 lovely wineries located in the central region of the state.

Monticello Wine Trail
The Monticello Wine Trail leads to 24 wineries from its hub in Charlottesville.

Shenandoah Wine Trail
The Shenandoah Valley Wine Trail is an association of 6 vineyards and wineries.


WE LOVE TO WINE abOUt what we do!

Only the wineries can card for ID and charge for alcohol/wine or any form of wine from basic wine tastings to the huge amount of different levels of wine tastings that even include food & wine pairings and olive oil pairings.  Every winery is different and offers a vast range of choices, however not everyone in your group is going to want to do the same thing...   so keep that in mind.   Many these days only taste a few and then get a glass or bottle to enjoy at the winery.   The average cost these days is about $5 per person just FYI for a basic tasting. So, PLEASE do not ask us if "tastings" are included, even though we just told you alcohol is not...  YES, a tasting is alcohol folks... so if you have to ask twice, you probably definetely need a designated driver and if you are still reading this, then hire us before you get pulled over for a DUI.

NOTE: we do not approve or allow other spirits or alcohol beverages to be consumed at the wineries other than the wine you have purchased along the way. Our vendors include bottled waters on most of our wine tours* (based on size). We do not include Food** or Alcohol for any wine tours **unless you order catering from us. Wineries that discover you drinking other spirits in their parking lots will refuse service to any wine tours whether organized through our offices or with another transportation or wine tour provider. Virginia Wineries take great pride of their boutique products, and ask the same respect be returned. Many thanks for making everyone's visit to Wine Country fun, safe and memorable!

Virginia's wine history started at its first hour in 1607, with its first crush by 1609. In fact, government at that time required each male settler at the Jamestown, Virginia settlement to plant and tend to at least 10 grapevines.

Thereafter, in 1807, Thomas Jefferson began cultivating European grapes in Virginia and has been described as "The Father of the American Wine Industry."

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